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Screenshot 2 - Έπιπλα σπιτιού Joanna Terizi

The JOANNA TERIZI HOME DESIGN company is active in the field of construction and trade furniture using accumulated 30 years of experience. Her know-how and her hand for the handmade furniture have made it one of the most reliable companies in its field. To proof of high quality construction, JOANNA TERIZI HOME DESIGN provides written quality guarantee to the product holder.

-10-year written warranty to the product owner regarding Damage-Breakage in living room frames

-5 year written guarantee on living room upholstery materials

-10-year warranty on furniture other than the chair.

Our product warranty is valid for normal use of the furniture and for the period indicated above the date indicated on the invoice or receipt product market. JOANNA TERIZI HOME DESIGN is engaged to repair, repair the product at its discretion, if during the inspection it is found that the problem is covered by the guarantee and did not come from misuse of the customer. In this case, the amount of your purchase is non-refundable.

The warranty covers breakage in the frames of the furniture (headboards, sleepers, base mattresses, backs, shelves, doors, tents, frames, living rooms, hinges, wiring accessories - assembly). In the case of a mattress or other resale product, the warranty conditions of the cooperating producer company apply.

In order to determine the need to repair a product that is not covered by these warranty terms, the cost of travel and employment of the company's staff is borne by the customer. In case of repair of the products, which is not covered by these terms, any required transport costs of the products to and from the place of delivery, shall be charged exclusively to the customer.


  1. Breakage or other damage to the product or part of NON-Physiological actions (eg violent throwing, dragging, hitting, abrasion with tools or other objects).
  2. Damage from burn or cigarette.
  3. Damage to the product by accident.
  4. Retraction of surface or assemply due to energy unjustified or improper for the use of the product.
  5. Use of chemical cleaners.
  6. Surface-gap retraction from a weight greater than permissible.
  7. Damage or destruction against disassembly and reassembly by NON-Authorized personnel of JOANNA TERIZI HOME DESIGN (eg transport companies).
  8. The shelf life of the material in the sofa cushions depends on the use that is made.
  9. Upholstered furniture may show little deterioration over time (eg in oak, beech and walnut upholstery due to the naturalness of the wood there may be some color change due to natural causes, such as sun, light or other environmental conditions).
  10. The chairs are not covered by warranty.
  11. Solid wood furniture is a living organism and needs special maintenance care. Check the maintenance instructions in the product details.
  12. In the details of each product, you can find tips for the proper maintenance of the furniture, please be informed.
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